Customer Resources

Keypad & MyQ Programming Instructions

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How do I program or change my outside keypad code?” Adding or changing your code is very easy and something that we’ll gladly help you with here, or over the phone, so you can avoid paying for a service call. Another common question is “How do I link a MyQ opener to the smartphone app?” Many customers want to program their accessories themselves and we don’t want to charge you for a service call if you can do it yourself. Here you can find, and download, instructions for all types of Liftmaster keypads. If you still can’t get it, we’re more than happy to come to your house and help you.

Liftmaster Opener Brochures & Manuals

Here you can find information and manuals about the models of Liftmaster openers we are proud to sell and install. Every Liftmaster is reliable and economical. It’s always easy to add remotes and keypads to any system after installation and for many years down the road. The primary difference between models is how quiet they are and smart home integration. Here you can compare the models and decide which one will fit your needs the best.

Troubleshooting/Aligning Liftmaster Photocells

A majority of service call requests we get are photocell related.  Photocells are the little black boxes located on either side of your garage door, about 6” off the ground.  They emit an infrared beam that if broken or obstructed will cause your door to reverse or not close at all.  Many times photocell issues can be easily fixed.  It can be as easy as moving a shovel out of the way or realigning them.  We want to save you money if we can.  We don’t want to have to charge you for a service call for something that you can fix yourself if you want to. That’s not our way. Here are instructions on troubleshooting and aligning your Liftmaster photocells: